Too warm

Out with Farrah on a much too warm day that cut my field time way down. I called it good in about a half hour. Half dozen flights and couple of catches.

Farrah in Rosenberg

I went down to Rosenberg to scout around and maybe fly at my K&M field or that park I found. I thought I'd have a look at Jim's Merlin field. It was overgrown, with mosquitoes, and it was warm. Farrah had a successful outing with ten to fifteen flights. Along the way she caught a grasshopper the size of a Cessna 150..

An outing with Farrah

I took Farrah out and scouted west of town. 

Cisco's first squirrel

It looks like he has a broken wing. He was an ounce heavy, and I had the dog on the leash because of the pigs. 

First day of fall - no dog, different venue, with pigs

 I got out early today it's been quiet. The Coulsons wrote in their Harris's Hawk, "Once the leaves fall, and the northern Red-tailed Hawks migrate down, gray squirrels are less likely to be far from their safe havens and more likely to be bedded down in their nests during the day." Who knows? I'll move from woods to woods until my main spot picks up again. The weather was nice, and I got there after dawn, about 0730. Cisco did have a chase in some super heavy cover. This is my west woods. Lot's of cover plus pigs. I heard them today, which is why Arnold stayed home. Cisco was certainly not fired up. He could have followed, usually not a good thing while squirrel hunting, but it would have helped today.  

Boring, too warm, hawk a little high....

A little after sunup, I got out to woods with the team. It was already on the border of being too warm. I gave it an hour. Cisco didn't show any intensity, and we saw no squirrels. He followed on loosely. In general, one doesn't want the hawk following on in the woods. You want him looking for squirrels. Cisco was not really looking that I could tell and when he followed on it was tardy. If he's parked sixty yards away in thick trees he won't see anything you kick up. It's all right. He got some exercise.